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I hear the wind breathing towards

All the sundry heap of objects

A wheel here, a wall there and a piece of window

It blows and yells and roars

There'll be a battle tomorrow

I 'm just praying for justice

I'd like to grasp it right now

Upon this couch of stones and picks

The windy night feels so heavy

Noone around my barricade

Seems to comprehend

What I am fighting for

And I just pray for this ideal

May become a true story

I see the burning torches through

My fragile protection

I fear my end is near, by this weak shadow

A flame that raises and fears

There will be death tomorrow

With you I am just the same

Entranched behind those principles

That suffocate me

And now I pray for my love

May florish in your memory.

(Novembre 88)
Tag(s) : #Epo's Eyes

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