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A secret rain

The cristalline rain
Between the curtains
Was my first impression
Was my first impression

The very intuitive
Feeling of plenitude
The very subjec
Whisper of gratitude

I was so in love with this sound
That it became the warmth on my skin
I was so in love with this beat
That it became the drum of my h

And I always miss it
Forever greedy
Forever ignorant
Forever impatient
Forever excited

The silky slope of tears
On the cheek of beauty
Was my first religion
Was my first religion

The very creative
Moments of solitude
The very emotive
Crying of altitude

I was so in love with this curve
That it became the line of my breath
I was so in love with this height
That it became the yearning of my life

And I still pray for it
Forever raging
Forever burning
Forever abso

Forever extatic

EPO, Mai 1988

Tag(s) : #Epo's Eyes

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